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Manufacture of cigarettes

Tobacco leaves are well-known and the main ingredient of cigarettes. After being collecting and drying, tobacco leaves are delivered to the production centers worldwide. The tobacco is allowed to be stored into controlled conditions for up to three years. This is contributing to improving the flavor. Then the tobacco is prepared for the process and manufacture of cigarettes. Dried and brittle leaves must be transported and moisturized very carefully.

In the production of cigarettes, tobacco can be treated with various auxiliary substances and enriched with additional ingredients, including sauces (substances that retain moisture and plasticity of the tobacco leaf), preservatives and flavors, specific for every brand of cigarettes. After cutting, the tobacco is ensilaged, before reaching the process of cigarettes production.

The production of cigarettes is super-fast, highly-automated process. The machines are capable of producing cigarettes at a rate of 8,000 to 14,000 pieces per minute. Rolls of tissue paper up to 6000 meters are deployed, and the tobacco is put in. The paper with tobacco is wrapped in a tube, resulting in a long cigarette, which is called the "bar". Machines cut this very long "bar" into shorter bars, insert filters, and finally cut it all into the individual filter cigarettes. After being made, each cigarette passes through three different stages of the quality testing of its structure. Then cigarettes are wrapped in foil, which is preserving their flavor, and packed up in packs, cartons and boxes.

Despite the fact that cigarette manufacturing is highly automated process, even the most sophisticated machines can not replace a true professional. The human control of the manufacturing process remains vital and includes quality control. The reassuring the quality of finished products can never be fully trusted to machines.

Published: Monday, December 06, 2010

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